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Can you imagine a world without communication?

Since 1924, Toastmasters has become synonymous with excellence in public speaking; the Speechcraft digital experience is an important part of that journey.

As the Speechcraft name implies, it was created to help people turn their speaking skills into a craft—to help them advance their professional and personal communication through a condensed version of the Toastmasters member experience. In a four-, six-, or eight-week program, participants, who are called Speechcrafters, have the opportunity to boost their confidence as they improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills, all within the safe environment of a Toastmasters club. After completing the course, they may be inspired to continue their Toastmasters journey by visiting or joining a club.

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Join a distinguished group of volunteers who contribute to the enrichment of others and their clubs by becoming a Speechcraft coordinator. You will be given all the tools and materials you need to lead five individuals in a four-, six-, or eight-week program (your choice) all within the environment of your Toastmasters club. Your Speechcrafters’ success will become your success. And you may inspire them to further their Toastmasters journey as a member of your club or another.

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Coordinator Journey 

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Do you have to answer questions in an upcoming job interview? Give an important presentation? Make a toast at your sister’s wedding? You can get through these (and so many more speaking scenarios) with average success—or you can shine through extraordinary achievement. The Speechcraft digital experience will help you rise above to be the best communicator you can be.


Speechcrafters are often motivated by upcoming events such as:


A Job Interview

Get the skills to smoothly answer spontaneous questions and present a polished image.


An Important Presentation

Deliver an important presentation with clear vision and memorable takeaways.


A Wedding Toast

Speechcraft can help you lose the jitters, look at your loved ones, and speak from the heart.